The Directory of Linux Linux Administrators

The largest database of resumes is the web itself. The problem is finding them. This is a free index into the Linux resumes on the internet. Start with the free searchable database of Linux resumes which are carefully indexed based on the candidate's experience, geographical preferences, and citizenship. Then take a look at our more modern (but smaller) index into Linux resumes on the web.

If you are not satisfied with any of these candidates, please let us know. We are actively mining the web for additional candidates. They just have not yet been displayed.

We invite hiring managers to post your job or create a link to it. We can email it out for free. or help you to find the right candidate.

We invite job seekers to first submit your resume, answer some questions, and then create a link to your blog or professional website.

I apologize if the web site is a little confusing. You are actually looking at the merger of two websites. There is the old website and the new one. The new one is located at and at Any other URL is the old website. The two sites are have separate logins.